The ICE Mall, a venture by Bin Adam Group of Companies, is a 4 years program presiding over a territory of 12 kanals. The ICE Mall aims to provide the people of Pakistan with its first ever theme based ICE Mall. The ICE Mall Real Estate Development Project is going to be built at the Grand Trunk Road Islamabad making it accessible for the people of Twin Cities.

The ICE Mall is going to have astonishing Dancing Fountains at the main entrance where everyone will be able to enjoy the most dazzling synchronization of water, fire and music shows. There are going to be 3 Basements for parking, 4 Floors of Retail Outlets for the shopping lovers, Themed Food Court, Entertainment Floor, Executive Offices’ Floor, and Doctors’ Floor.

An extravagant ICE Rink is going to be constructed on the Lower Ground floor which will provide the customers with the chance to enjoy ICE Skating with their friends and family throughout all the seasons.

The most excellent Food Court anticipates you at THE ICE Mall we comprehend that sustenance is a significant part for each family trip. The ICE Mall is going to bring the ICE Museum in the food court named as the ‘ICE Museum Themed Food Court’ where our customers can enjoy their food in an artistic environment. The display of ICE sculptures with a Scandinavian architecture will enhance our customers’ appetite by creating a magical ambience.

Life is so boring without sports, countering this fact, The ICE Mall is going to build a whole floor for the sports like ICE Wall Climbing, 4D Cinema, Simulated Video Games, AR/VR Cricket and Golf, Spa and Sauna, Gym, Swimming Pool, Kids Play Area, and Badminton.

For the corporate sector, the ‘Executive Offices’ Floor’ will provide the best and copasetic offices that will boost the overall competence and efficiency of a team. There is a deficiency of superior to average and present day worldwide standard office space in twin cities which The ICE Mall has intended to address in future. The official workplaces are structured remembering the global models joining best in class offices.

The ICE Mall will provide its customers with an entire Floor dedicated to your wellbeing, named as the ‘Doctors’ Floor’ in which people can easily get treated. This Floor comprises of present day activity theaters, ICU, OPD, Pharmacy, Emergency, Neonatal ICU, Labor and Delivery Rooms. Exceedingly quality and experienced group of Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical Staff, and different Professionals are going to be there and will guarantee the arrangement of value therapeutic administrations to the Patients.

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