Meet the pioneer of the Bin Adam Group of Companies and the owner of a medical organization named Akbar Hospital, Raja Nasir Hussain. His experience of twenty years in the real estate sector has excelled in his business proficiency. With his visionary ideals of high-tech business expertise, he has developed this establishment as one of the best property developers of the country. From policy development and enforcement to HR management and strategic direction, he is the integral entity in the company’s business operations. His resilience, determination and hard work are eminently brooding in the bang of the company’s accomplishments. The focal motive of his struggle for many years is to provide clear, best, and productive investment opportunities to our clients. Always striving to provide the exceptional services align with the requirements of the stakeholders and market, he has clarity in his vision and resolution. With his deep understanding of market niceties and the integration of his experience and knowledge, he is leading the company prosperously. To simplify, we are highly privileged to work under his fervent supervision.
TAHIR SHAMSHAD Management Consultant
Mr. Tahir Shamshad is Chief of the Party at CDM Smith and has also worked as Managing Director of National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK). He has extensive experience of over 35 years in supervising more than 200 projects controlled by NESPAK either independently or with the collaboration of various international consultants. He is also a member of the Disaster Management and Reconstruction Division that is an organization dedicated to providing services in all aspects of pre-disaster preparedness as well as post-disaster management and analyzing reconstruction scenarios. With his incredible aptitude and elongated experience, his services are surely a major contribution to the progression of our corporation. Moreover, Mr. Shamshad has been President and Managing Director of National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt) Limited since March 2013. He was also chosen to be the Project Manager/Divisional Head to lead the consulting team for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the 2005 earthquake affected areas. Besides dealing with the major public sector works under earthquake reconstruction, he has also worked as a focal person for reconstruction programs of more than 50 donors & sponsor countries. Along with that he also served on deputation as Director-general (Infrastructure), DG Flood Coordination, Joint Secretary Planning Commission, Member Engineering and Member Planning, Capital Development Authority. He is also a Member Board of Studies, Member Board of Faculty and Appellate Board of University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, and serving the university with his utmost contributions.
FAIZ AHMED FAIZ Project Director
Meet our project director Mr. Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Having a specialization in Mechanical Engineering from a renowned university UET Lahore and analytical business approach has revered his aptitudes. Being a project director, he is the one who governs work smoothly from planning till construction. From administering the project plans from scratch till the completion of work as per the scrutinized plan, he handles everything with zeal and zest. His innovative mind and analytical approach are two personae eminently nominating him as one of the assets of the company. He has a firm belief in moving out of the comfort zone, challenging the existing norms of working, dreaming big, taking the risks and pushing the limits. Along with directing the projects and crafting the most functional strategies, he also cultivates the best budget policies and procedures to support the functional infrastructure. Besides, he manages the work of Estimators; Estimating Engineers & Assistant Estimators where assistance is needed to meet the preconstruction schedule. As a spearhead, he always manages the tough schedules of work either in construction or in planning. His hard work, forward-thinking, firm determination, and steadiness are worthy to appreciate.
COL. RETD. ABDUL HANNAN Director of Business Development
Col Abdul Hanan (Retd) SI (M) joined Bin Adam Group as Director of Business Development after he retired from Pakistan Army. He is an integral part of the crew being the Director of the Business Development Department. Being the spearheaded, he manages all activities of the In-house Consulting and Strategy Planning Departments, ensuring that all activities are adding value to the business. With his extensive experience of twenty-nine years, he is foregrounding many productive ways to bring the Bin Adam Group of Companies in limelight. Being the director of business development, he is primarily responsible for identifying new business opportunities and consequently works for building new partnerships. With his highly professional conduct, he is providing the best business prospects to expand our cooperation. With his analytical mindset and aptitude, he reconnoiters innovative ways to reach existing markets via new product or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing markets. He is also responsible for the direct management of key marketing and communications objectives aimed at maximizing new business. He additionally oversees the generation of proposals that are suited to prospective clients with the support of the marketing and design teams. His dedication and hard work coincide with his team members are one of the motives of the company’s accomplishments.