Work on Banth G.T Road Interchange, Ring Road Near Ice Mall Finally Kicks Off

As construction on Rawalpindi Ring Road progresses, The Ice Mall, located near the Banth GT Road Interchange of Ring Road, is starting to become a hot cake for investment on G.T Road

The 38.3 kilometre-long ring road will have six lanes. It will start from Banth GT Road near Rawat and culminate at Thalian near Motorway. The ring road will have a total of five interchanges at Banth, Chak Bailey Khan, Adiala Road, Chakri Road, Thalian.

A total of 8,992 kanals of land has been purchased for this purpose and over Rs5.90 billion have been released for the land acquisition.

The project will cost Rs22.8 billion. Approval has also been given to set up an industrial zone around Ring Road. All the lands around it will be declared commercial and three to 10-storey buildings and plazas will also be constructed on both sides of the road. There will also be concurrent service roads along the ring road.

A total of 300,000 plants will be planted along the ring road and there will be recreational areas, benches, flowers along the road. Computerised LEDs will be installed along the ring road to allow companies to promote their publicity. The ring road project will be completed in two years.

Earlier, Former Prime Minister Imran Khan and Former Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar inaugurated the ring road project.

Earlier, the Rawalpindi Development Authority, the executing agency of the road project, awarded the contract to the FWO for the construction of the 38.3-kilometre-long Rawalpindi Ring Road from Rawat to Thalian.

The FWO had offered Rs300 million less bid than the estimated cost.

The Punjab government has decided to construct the Rawalpindi Ring Road under the 2017 alignment, under which, the road will be constructed from N-5 GT Road Rawat Banth Mor to Thalian Interchange (Motorway-2).

The NHA had raised the objections that more than 33,000 heavy transport vehicles would enter M2 from Rawalpindi Ring Road daily, which will not only damage its infrastructure but also cause a traffic jam at the Islamabad motorway toll plaza.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road project, known as the missing link of Rawalpindi, has been in cold storage for the last 17 years. The project was launched by the previous government in its last year with a loan from the Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank of China. The bank had declared the project viable and agreed to provide the loan.

The project also had the longest economic zones on both sides of the route in the previous design.


Right now, as per the new change in the plan and map of Ring Road Rawalpindi, the road will initiate from Rawat (near Radio Pakistan Tower) and will pass through Adiyala Road, Chak Beli, Murat, and Chakri Road. This route will be linked with M-2 Motorway at Thalian Interchange. Obviously, this proposed Ring Road is going to benefit certain societies which include DHA Phase 2, Bharia Town, and particularly DHA Phase 3. From this route, people will reach Rawat through Motorway in just a few minutes.

This Rawalpindi Ring Road will have some major links to the major roads and landmarks like:

  • The first root link of RRR will be on Chak Beli Roads. This area hasn’t any residential or commercial real estate venture, but still, the prices of land will rise.
  • The second major link will be allotted to Adiyala Road, and people will enjoy the ease of access with no traffic congestion to Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
  • The third major link will be offered to Chakri Road. Here, the real estate projects are going to enjoy maximum benefit because this road has no direct access to twin cities.
  • As per the proposed map of Ring Road Rawalpindi, the fourth major link will be at Thalian Interchange. This Interchange will provide access to M-2 Motorway.
  • Further, the links aren’t yet defined by authorities but as per real estate insights, this Road will touch the back of New International Islamabad Airport and will navigate to Fateh Jhang Road.


Some of the salient features of this amazing venture are as follows:

  • 10 overhead bridges
  • 300 ft wide
  • 6 Flyovers
  • Will connect with educational cities, health centers, fuel stations, and community centers
  • 3 satellite zones
  • Fruit and vegetable market in Rawalpindi will be shifted to the proximity of Ring Road
  • Will deal with the traffic congestion by providing and diverting access to 50,000 vehicles of twin cities.


Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR) is considered an economic corridor because it is going to boost the economic, political, and real estate activities across Pakistan. Apart from diverting the congested flow of traffic of twin cities, this road is going to link different regions around Rawalpindi and Islamabad it is proving direct access to Islamabad-Lahore Motorway.

As mentioned above, this Ring road is going to have six-lane service roads, that are going to boost the real estate economy, by adding up the value to the real estate projects that lie in the proximity of Rawalpindi Ring Road. No doubt, the development of RRR is going to benefit the real estate market with slike height in prices.

This Road is going to take the route from the M-1 motorway and will reach to International Islamabad Airport, by looping with the eastern side of the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) route and then heading towards the Margalla road while passing through the vicinity of Sangjani Interchange. This long route is going to benefit multiple norms of people in terms of economy and accessibility.


Ring Roads are one of those country’s infrastructure that gives benefits in multiple ways. Here are some of the Pros of the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project Economic Corridor (RRPEC):

  • Rawalpindi Ring Road will be beneficial to divert the heavy flow of traffic from the downtown of Rawalpindi.
  • Will provide easy and direct access to M-2 Motorway.
  • Ease of access to the new International Islamabad Airport.
  • Will benefit the real estate market of Rawalpindi & Islamabad by providing easy accessibility to the real estate projects in its vicinity.
  • RRR is going to provide new opportunities to the constructors and builders because multiple housing societies will be built there in near future.
  • InterCity High Traffic Vehicle will navigate through this road instead of the Islamabad Expressway.
  • Tourists and visitors will have easy access to the residential sectors and tourist locations of Islamabad via Margalla Road directly from the G.T road.
  • Different commercial hubs will be designed alongside Rawalpindi Ring Road, which will boost the financial conditions of small investors, businessmen, and the country as a whole.
  • The construction of RRR will be fruitful for the decentralization of the vegetable and meat market in proximity.
  • Will be beneficial in the integration of twin cities.

THE ICE MALL is located in the posh localities of the twin cities. It serves as a golden patch that connects you to DHA (ISB), G.T. Road (N5), and the ring road conjointly with the traffic of KPK and Punjab.

The Ice Mall